Mike Golay: Booking and Requirements Information

Acoustic, Guitar, Folk, Celtic, Traditional, World, Funk.

Six- and twelve-string, nylon-string, high-strung and baritone guitars, Weissenborn lap slide, dobro, baritone ukulele. The majority of shows are solo, but Mike occasionally plays with a percussionist. Mike has also played duo engagements with other guitarists.

Style Overview:
Mike plays solo acoustic guitar(s) and other stringed instruments. He does not, at the moment, sing, and does not imagine he'll be singing any time soon. His music is typically classified as "Folk," but his music is informed by Jazz, Celtic, Bluegrass, Rock, Pop, Punk, Folk, Funk, Ska, Hip-hop, Classical and World Music, as well as a lot of other stuff he can't articulate at the moment. It's best if you listen to some sound clips and draw your own conclusions (go on, it's okay). His playing has been compared to that of Pierre Bensusan, Leo Kottke, Adrian Legg and Michael Hedges, among others. His music appeals to a wide range of audiences, from the very young to the hard of hearing. His albums have been celebrated as much for their original, impressionistic compositions as they have been for... their liner notes. A former professional writer and editor, Mike is an engaging performer who likes to tell a tale or 20 during his shows - all in support of the music, of course.

-Across the Bridge (2005) - Banshee Records
-Half Pint (2003) - Banshee Records

Label Information:
Mike has been a part of various label-supported artist communities, including CandyRat Records. Before and since those relationships, he records on his own private label, Banshee Records.

Radio and TV:
Golay's music has been featured on international radio (U.S., Canada and U.K.), regional television programs and various advertising media. He is available for on-air interviews and performances.

Set list:
Mike's sets can be tailored to suit virtually any venue, big or small (yes, Mike plays coffee shops, happily), including house concerts, festivals and clinics. He is comfortable as an opening or headline act and draws from his own extensive, original repertoire. Mike also plays a growing number of Celtic and Traditional solo guitar pieces (public domain only). He is comfortable doing up to three-hour sets, though sets of two hours (with a brief break), or opening sets of 45 minutes to an hour are more common.

Basic Requirements:
AC power (a minimum of 3 grounded inputs - a power strip is fine), space for a chair, a small stand which holds Mike's preamps, a boom mic stand and vocal mic (for jabbering only), and space for 2-3 guitar stands (Mike can bring guitar stands if the venue is within driving distance). Mike requires two channels for guitars, one for the vocal mic, and one stage monitor for instruments and vocal (two monitors are twice mo' betta). The only effect Mike uses/requires is hall reverb on the guitar(s). He can go 1/4" or XLR out to DI or board.

Mike can furnish his own P.A. or other sound reinforcement if necessary and where practical. For a diagram of his setup, please click here.

Mike books primarily in the Northeast and Canada, but he has also played on the West Coast, in the Mid-Atlantic states and in the UK and Europe.

Mike works on a sliding scale and is dedicated to bringing value to the venue. As the song goes, We can work it out... We can work it oo-out.

Bookings Contact:
Please contact Mike by using this form and he'll get right back to you.