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mike golay: across the bridge cover art.

Mike Golay | Across the Bridge | Solo Acoustic Guitar
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The latest album:
Mike Golay
Across the Bridge

Solo Acoustic Guitar
mike golay: across the bridge - copyright 2005, banshee werks. photo by cabot philbrick. all rights reserved.
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local motives.
Download audio clips from Mike's 07/28/06 on-air interview and performance on Jan Wilkinson's Local Motives show on WMPG 90.9/104.1.

portland press herald.
Read a Q&A session with Mike in the 05/11/06 Portland Press Herald GO entertainment guide.
See photos and download audio clips from Mike's 03/10/06 on-air interview and performance on Chris Darling's US Folk show on WMPG 90.9/104.1.

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8 March 2008

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9 February 2008

Various shots from here and there. Within, without.
30 April 2007

Consult The Magic Eight Ball, a sad, low-tech rip-off for which I'll probably get sued.
10 November 2002
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