getcher hand outta there. you'll gum up the werks.
  hot damn, ethel. looks like it werks. and yes, mike golay lives here.
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Who is Banshee Werks?

Oh, let's not talk about that...

Okay, let's.

Banshee Werks is the brainchild of a certain guy - Mike Golay, if the truth must be known - who was born in Kansas, grew up in Oklahoma (go figure), used to call New York home (again, go figure), lived outside Washington, D.C. for a spell, and now resides in Portland, Maine.

He always secretly wanted to play right wing for the Montreal Canadiens, but he's a little guy, and would have probably summarily gotten the crap knocked out of him.

If you're looking for Golay's music, you'll want to go to the geetar section.

If you're looking for the raspy, indefatigable whine of machinery in need of oil, we recommend the whinge section.

If you're looking for two-wheeled tomfoolery, wethinks mebbe the velo section might be your thing.

For the past many years Golay has maintained a love-hate relationship with le monde vertical. To check out his ongoing obsession with the mountains, scrumble on over to the alpinisme section.

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