getcher hand outta there. you'll gum up the werks.
  hot damn, ethel. looks like it werks. and yes, mike golay lives here.
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Someone once asked me what my strong suit was. I thought for a few moments and answered, in all honesty, "Being silly." Not everything contained here is foolish, but a good deal of it is. Or, at least, it's frivolous. The way I see things, anyway. This is more or less the heart of, and it is the section that is most frequently updated.

»Mikey's Twangville Gazette
All about me, and the twangers, and what I do with the twangers, and the Law of the Twang. Listen to clips, read dense liner notes and technical jargon, buy music.
updated: 3/08/08

The collected and continued ramblings about nothing in particular.
updated: 01/08/11

Ice, rock, alpine, mountaineering, ski mountaineering, scrambling, bouldering, you name it. There are a number of climbs (and not-so-climbs) detailed in this section, as well as the odd rumination.
updated: 2/9/08

Shots here and there.
updated: 04/30/07

»Et cetera
Stuff that didn't fit anywhere else.
updated: 11/10/02

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updated: 4/01/03

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