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Photos and Miscellany

Here are a few photo collections from various locations. I hope this section grows in the future. All photos are taken by me unless otherwise noted.

  • If you're looking for climbing photos you'll want to check here.
  • Guitar and music-related photos are here.

cote d'azur, provence.
»Nice, Côte d'Azur, Provence
A week in the south of France: Nice, Côte d'Azur, St. Tropez, up into Provence, including Le Thoronet, Flayosc, Draguignan, Tourettes sur Loop, St. Paul de Vence and spots along the way.

posted: 12/06/04
gallery 8.
Silly stuff about bikes, old and new.

Okay. Really. This is very cool.

Not foolin'.

posted: 4/30/07
gallery 8.
»Valentine's Day 2007
Only the best meal ever at Chez Golay.

posted: 2/14/07
gallery 7.
»Rockland Too
Visit to the Farnsworth Museum, up and down Main Street. Odd. Fellows.

posted: 4/13/05
gallery 6.
Walking around, mostly Old Port, signs of the past and future. Blustery day, more or less deserted. Chocolate glazed Munchkin from D&D, blessedly not photographed.

posted: 3/27/05
gallery 5.
»Mount Desert Island
Trip to Mount Desert Island, round and about Southwest Harbor, Acadia (Sand Beach to Great Head), Schoodic Point, Manset, Seawall, various spots in between.

posted: 8/1/04
gallery 4.
»Willard Beach to Spring Point Light
Up Willard Beach in South Portland, then on via Preble Walk to Spring Point Light.

posted: 7/24/04
gallery 3.
»Ogunquit to Rockland
A retro collection taken over the course of several months and trips to towns from Ogunquit to Rockland, Me. Includes Mr. Legg at Jonathan's, Peaks Island, out and about around Rockland, in and out in Portland.

posted: 6/07/04
gallery 2.
»Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth
A trip to the Portland Head Light, in, you might not have guessed it, Cape Elizabeth, Me. The lighthouse was completed in 1781 and is one of the main attractions on the coastline. Lobster Shack, shipwreck wall and blurry varmint bonuses.

posted: 6/06/04
gallery 1.
»Downeast Drive, Acadia
A trip up and down Route 3 (or thereabouts) to Acadia National Park.

posted: 5/30/04
Rhode Island
newport guitar festival 2004.
»Newport Guitar Festival 2004
Come for the festival, eh?

Down to Newport to sample the finest twang around, and bring home the best of the lot, as far as I'm concerned anyway.

posted: 8/9/04
fourth o' july.
»Fourth of July 2004
Taken at the Manchester-by-the-Sea parade from Pleasant Street. Men with muskets, marching bands, very large bike wheels and knickers, disco fever, happy whales, future Marlins' relievers... and all the rest.

posted: 7/05/04
New York
one day in brooklyn.
»Scenes From Brooklyn
A collection taken in the Fall of 1996. Brooklyn Botanic Garden, scenes around Park Slope.

posted: Fall 1996
bring da funk.
»Welcome to Funkstown
A trip to Beard Guitars in Hagerstown makes a visit to nearby Funkstown an imperative.

posted: 11/10/02

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