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Mikey's Twangville Gazette: Gear

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slaggery reflected.
Main Guitars:
  • Berkowitz Guitars J6-CW Custom - "Bumby"
  • Berkowitz Guitars JB28-CW Custom Baritone - "Bambata"
  • Avalon A101c Custom - Endorsing Artist
  • Aria nylon-string alto
  • Lowden O25c
  • Taylor 612ce Custom
  • Taylor 355 12-string
  • Larrivée L-01
  • Ovation Celebrity Deluxe
  • Yamaha nylon string
  • Regal RD-45 modified squareneck dobro
  • Gold Tone SM Weissenborn Style 3
  • Lanakai CKB baritone ukulele
  • Danelectro Convertible

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  • McIntyre dual-source stereo: Feather (bridgeplate), SBT-04 Transducer (soundboard) - most of my gigging guitars
  • K&K custom-wired dual-source stereo: Pure Western Mini (bridgeplate) + Twin Spot Internal (soundboard) - baritone
  • K&K Pure Western Mini - Lowden
  • Fishman Stereo Blender - 612ce
  • Fishman Resophonic - dobro
  • Fishman Rare Earth - Weissenborn

» Read the Tech File - Dual-Source Pickup Systems and Processing

  • Dean Markley Alchemy GoldPhos and GoldBronze (custom gauges) - Official Endorser
  • John Pearse High-Strung
  • D'Addario Nickel Jazz Mediums
  • D'Addario Flattop Resophonic
  • Beard Resophonic

» Read the Tech File - Open/Alternate Tunings and String Gauges

  • Calton Cases
  • Colorado Case Covers
  • G7th capos
  • Shubb and Keyser capos
  • Scheerhorn dobro steel and Fluxcapo
  • Intellitouch tuner
  • Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner pedals
  • The Guitar Chair
  • Konig & Meyer Wave guitar stands
  • Rock N Roller multi-cart

Recording Gear:
  • Microtech Gefell M300 stereo matched pair small-diaphragm condenser mics
  • Great River MP2-MH mic preamp
  • Presonus Firepod 24-bit/96K Firewire analog-to-digital studio
  • Sony MDR-7506 headphones
  • AKG K240s headphones
  • Behringer Truth Monitors
  • Monster Cable mic cables
  • Monster Cable speaker cables
  • Blue Snowball USB mic (nice for catching ideas)

Sound Reinforcement:
  • D-Tar Solstice preamp/blender and Equinox Parametric EQ
  • Ultrasound Pro 100 acoustic amplifier and AG50E powered extension cabinet
  • Kordex cables
  • Mackie SRM350 speaker pair
  • Tapco Blend 6 Mixer
  • Mogami speaker cables
  • Audio-Technica 3031 small-diaphragm condenser mic
  • Shure SM58 mic
  • L.R. Baggs PADI
  • Monster Cable mic cables
  • Monster Cable speaker cables

» See the Live Setup Diagram

Odds and Ends:
  • AKG c4000b, c2000b and c1000s condenser mics
  • Mackie VLZ1202 mixer
  • Roland UA-30 USB interface
  • Presonus BlueTube mic preamp
  • Monster Cable Jazz instrument cables
  • Monster Cable mic cables
  • Monster Cable speaker cables
  • Boss RV-3 Digital Delay/Reverb pedal
  • Boss Distortion pedal
  • Line 6 Delay Modeler
  • Boss RC-20 Loop Station
  • DOD Acoustec effects box
  • Crate CA30D amp

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