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»Subscribe to the Mike Golay Podcast Series subscribe to mike golay's podcast series.
»All About Across the Bridge, the latest solo record
»All About Half Pint, my first solo record
»The Bumby Tapes: 10 Questions and Answers
»Q&A with the Portland Press Herald

Here's a sampling of gear I find useful, a growing list of players I listen to, some great sources and supporters of acoustic music, friends of mine, and various education sources.

»Dean Markley
Maker of fantastic strings and accessories. I endorse Dean's Alchemy strings.
»Berkowitz Guitars
David is a gifted, incredibly knowledgeable luthier based in Washington, D.C. I happily play two of his custom guitars.
»Avalon Guitars
Handmade in Ireland. My live guitar is a custom A101C. I'm pleased to be an Endorsing Artist.
»Colorado Case Covers
The best case covers going. I use a Calton Jumbo cover to protect my Calton case.
»UltraSound Amplifiers
Excellent acoustic amp maker.
»McIntyre Pickups
A dual-source setup - GF-30 Feather and SBT-04 - is my preferred pickup system.
»Calton Cases
The flight case of choice. Bulletproof.
Rick Turner and Seymour Duncan teamed up to make various sound reinforcement magic. They have succeeded.
»Microtech Gefell
Makers of world-class microphones.
»Great River Electronics
Superb preamps and EQ.
Excellent sound reinforcement and recording devices.
»Paul Beard Guitars
Master resophonic guitar maker, excellent shop and resource.
Capos, slides and accessories.
The parts supplier to the stars, as well as the you-and-me.
»Roland/Edirol Electronics
Electronics, digital interfaces.
World-class microphones.
Sound reinforcement.
»L.R. Baggs
Sound reinforcement.
»Al Petteway and Amy White
Two superb players and great people.
»Adrian Legg
The man with the hammer hands.
»Martin Simpson
One of the best acoustic guitarists, anywhere.
»Ed Gerhard
Exceptional tone, beautiful arrangements, incredible and inspiring talent.
»Don Ross
Monster player from Canada.
»Leo Kottke
Um, hello. Duh. Not from Canada.
»Pierre Bensusan
Important, insanely gifted player who has influenced a whole generation.
»Bob Evans
Bob is the 2003 National Fingerpicking Champion. Check out his "Six Strings and a Million Possibilities" radio show.
»Tommy Emmanuel
Shows me what's possible. Makes me want to quit.
»Muriel Anderson
One of the greatest fingerstyle players anywhere, beautiful arranger and composer.
»Amrit Sond
Unique technique, approach, and beautiful compositions. I love this guy's stuff.
»Jim Tozier
Fabulously talented fingerstylist from Maryland, Comrade in Twang. Check his releases Castlerea, Solo Guitar and Celtic Guitar.
»Alex DeGrassi
Inventive and imaginative player who's been around for a long time and keeps sounding new.
»Eric Skye
Great acoustic jazz guitarist out of Portland, Oregon.
»Pat Kirtley
Lovely, versatile, lyrical player and educator.
»Michael Chapdelaine
An incredibly talented classical player for 25 years, Michael now does solo orginals and arrangements and kills in the process.
»Chris Proctor
Innovative player and educator with Big Ideas, Opinions.
»Kaki King
Kaki flat-out kicks ass.
»Alex Houghton
Hip stuff, also from Canada.
»Jerry Douglas
"The Jimi Hendrix of dobro."
»John Scofield
The High Priest of Funk and all things groovalicious.
»Bill Frisell
Brother Bill.
»Jeff Beck
It's Beck, man. One of my original influences. Still burns today.
»Steve Baughman
Wonderful [not just] celtic player.
»Stephen Bennett
Incredible, versatile harp guitar, resophonic, flatpicking, fingerstyle player.
»Tony McManus
Supafine player.
»Dave Evans
Evans was a giant, far ahead of his time. If you haven't heard him, please go to.
Sad Pig Dance - Kicking Mule reissue
»El McMeen
Lovely player and generous educator.
»Preston Reed
He'll slap you silly.
Fan site dedicated to the music of Michael Hedges.
»Tuck Andress
Fabulous jazz guitarist, huge hair.
»Pat Metheny
Need I say more?
»Stanley Jordan
Innovative jazz guitarist.
»Jake Shimabukuro
The greatest ukulele player on the planet.
»Acoustic Music Resource/800-649-4745
Godsend dedicated to making great acoustic music available.
»Bull Moose Music
Wicked reasonable music shops through the northeast, and the place to get my CDs locally.
»Solid Air Records
Label exclusively showcasing acoustic guitar.
»Maggie's Music
Maggie's Sansone's Celtic and Traditional label out of Shady Side, MD.
»Bridge Guitar Reviews
Henk te Veldhuis' guitar review site, out of the Netherlands. Good place to discover new material.
»WMPG 90.9/104.1FM
Portland, ME's greatest community radio station, home of Maine music icon Chris Darling's US Folk and Tom Flynn's Saltwater Farm programs.
»WSCA 90.9/104.1FM
Portsmouth, NH community radio, home of Shawn Henderson's Stay Tuned program.
»Dream Guitars
Asheville, NC-based purveyor of ga-ga guitars, sound reinforcement and accessories.
»Acoustic Music
Great guitar shop in Guilford, CT.
»The Music Emporium
Julius Borges' stringed instrument shop in Lexington, MA.
»Mercenary Audio
Boston-based supplier of high-end electronica.
»Wolf Productions
The acoustic music standard for mastering and digital audio.
»Fairewood Studios
Al Petteway and Amy White's studio in the mountains of Western North Carolina.
»DragonflyEast Recording Studio
Scott Spelbring's wonderful studio out in the hills. Scott mixed "Half Pint."
»Oasis CD
Top-shelf CD replication outfit. Worldwide reputation. Nice folks!
»Woodworth Associates
Multifaceted design firm in Portland, Maine. Brad & Co. are the top.
»Melodee Music
Independent music stores in Sterling and Leesburg, VA. Very good people. Great guitar selection.
»Chris Estes
Super singer-songwriter out Cali way.
»Mike Aaron
Bass player, guitarist and engineer, general factotum. Partner in gripe.
»Steven Dillon
Fingerstyle guitarist out of Virginia.
»Kevin Lawver
A good friend and critical listener. And one of the more talented guys on the earth.
»Acoustic Guitar Magazine
Excellent publication and information source; online lessons.
»Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine
Another excellent publication and information source.
»StringLetter Publishing
Publisher of educational books.
»Homespun Tapes
Faboo source of video and audio instructional material.
»Vestapol Videos
Stephan Grossman's wondrous video and audio instruct-o-ganza. Excellent CD offerings.
»Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Info
Art Edelstein's compendium on the subject.

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